Why be a Customer…
when you can be a Rewardster®?

Get rewarded everywhere using your phone number, email address, Rewardster® keychain card or Rewardster® smartphone app.

Why be a Customer when you can be a Rewardster® ?

Rewardster® is the ultimate free rewards program that makes it fun to earn and redeem personalized rewards at businesses you love.

Easy Check-ins

Check in to any participating business using your Rewardster® keychain card, mobile application, your email address or just your cell phone number.

Earn Loyalty Rewards

With just one Rewardster® account, earn and redeem rewards at participating businesses, even enlist those that don’t!

Unlock Better Rewards

Get even better rewards by visiting more often, recommending a friend, posting to your social networks and many more ways.

Give Private Surveys

Share your experiences with the businesses you love, help them improve their relationship with you and get rewarded for doing it!

Share With Your Friends

If you’re feeling particularly generous, share your exclusive promotional offers with your friends, family and social networks.

Exclusive Promotional Offers

Receive special promotional offers for only Rewardster® members at your favorite businesses, via email or text-message.

Post And Read Reviews

Rewardster’s® are informed consumers and like to share their experiences with each other, ensuring the best results.

Invite Favorite Businesses

Your favorite businesses don’t currently support your Rewardster® account? Push a button to invite them, and earn rewards in the process.

Receive Personal Treats

Find nearby participating Rewardster businesses that want your business, and receive a special offer to try them.