Free Loyalty Rewards
Program for
Dental Offices

Turn infrequent patients into loyal patients, and provide them the tools to become your dental office's most powerful advocates.

Deploys in seconds and rewards your patients for their patronage, feedback, referrals and advocacy!

What Makes Rewardster® The Best Loyalty Program For Dental Offices?

We help Dental Office owners build lasting patient relationships.  Here’s how…

Simple Sign-Ups

Rewardster® makes it easy for patients to subscribe to receive long-term contact from you.

Automate Patient Subscription

Allow patients to “subscribe” to your business at the front desk, through our patient-facing tablet application, in less than 15 seconds!

100% Patient Inclusion

Rewardster doesn’t require your patients to operate smartphones, enabling up to 100% patient participation.

Hands-Free Automation

No forms to fill out, no websites to visit. We do all the work with automated tools, so you focus on providing the best service possible.

Stay In Touch

Rewardster® helps you stay in contact with your patients, and even their friends.

Social Media Integration

We incentivize and automate the ability for your patients to promote your business to their social networks, friends and family.

Targeted Email / SMS Marketing

Reach your patients at their desk, on their phone or their mobile device via email and/or SMS text-messaging marketing.

Event-Based Marketing

Certain annual holidays significant to your business? Schedule promotional offers up to a year in advance and we’ll deliver.

Focus On Satisfaction

Rewardster® makes Patient Satisfaction easy with incentives and open communication.

Patient Surveys

There is no more valuable advice than that given from your patients.  We give them an easy way to share it with you, and you to respond.

Patient Loyalty Rewards

Patients like to feel appreciated, and Rewardster knows just how to appreciate them, with loyalty reward incentives.

Incentivize Your Employees

What good are Patient Loyalty Rewards if your employees refuse to promote them? Rewardster incentivizes employees, too!

Bring Them Back

Rewardster® can increase the frequency of patient visits and even invite them back after an absence.

Patient-based Marketing

Let your patients know you are thinking about them on their special days, like birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Patient Frequency

We can help incentivize infrequent patients to visit more often with time-sensitive promotional offers based on individual visit patterns.

Patient Retention

60% of patients visit once and never return.  Rewardster knows when to send a personalized incentive to return, providing a second chance.

Attract New Patients

Rewardster® even helps bring in new patients with online and mobile exposure.

Reputation Management

Take charge of your business’s online reputation by giving patients the tools they need to tell the world about you.

Online Business Listing

We will post an online business listing for your business in our Rewardster search engine, to help drive new traffic.

Get Found by Rewardsters

Earn new patients from nearby Rewardster users with a special offer made just for them.

Manage It All

Rewardster® makes it all manageable, providing you the administration tools you need.

Administration Command Center

Track results from your Rewardster “Command Center” administration panel, with nightly emailed stats.

Mobile Exposure

With a free Rewardster mobile application, your patients can interact with your business 24/7.

E-Commerce Integration

Just add your products and services into Rewardster and allow your patients to purchase from a location of their choice, 24/7.

Start Signing Up Patients Instantly