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Universal RewardsTM.

Introducing Rewardster®. The Small Business Loyalty Program Loved By Businesses and Consumers.

Build And Maintain Lasting Customer Relationships, Automatically.

Rewardster® For Consumers

Free Universal Loyalty Rewards

Rewardster is a free, universal loyalty rewards service. Sign up once, and use your loyalty account at any merchant that supports Rewardster.

Check-in, Earn Points, Redeem Rewards

Check-in at your favorite merchants using your Rewardster keychain card, your email address, our Rewardster phone application or just your cell phone number. Earn points, redeem rewards and gain access to special promotional offers.

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Rewardster® For Businesses

Build Loyal, Lasting Customer Relationships

Rewardster is a powerful Customer Engagement tool, allowing business owners an interactive and engaging way to build loyal, long-term relationships with their customers.

Powerful Suite of Targeted Marketing Tools

Loyalty Rewards, Email and Text-Message Marketing, Event-Based Promotions, Customer Retention, Social Media Marketing, Customer Surveys, Reputation Management, Targeted Offers, Employee Incentives, Mobile Exposure and more.

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Rewardster® Customer Engagement and Loyalty Rewards

Small Business Loyalty RewardsChanges in technology have brought about a paradigm shift in the expectations of consumers. Today’s consumers are better informed, have a wider variety of choices and expect more value for their dollar. We call them ‘Rewardsters’, and we built Rewardster to help Merchants meet rising consumer expectations.

Whether you’re a Consumer or a Merchant, we built Rewardster just for you.

Diran Alemshah, Founder